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Combined Advanced Technology

Thermo transfer creates high impact light source to improve MR16 product

The approach of the novel MR16 is based on two complementary heatsink contact technologies:


the patented thermo-transfer technology (CAMELEON-MR16) allowing efficient heat dissipation inside a retrofit fixture with very small ecological footprint, that feature Lumen, longevity and sustainability.



High modularity ecoresponsible and using 30% less raw material for 1500L efficiency


Our 400L bulb 

117.9 L/W 

Our 250L bulb 

117.6 L/W​​

36% to 50% more energy saving compared with last generations of LED​​


Save 2 to 3 times less maintenance

60 000hrs, L70 lifetime 

Combined technology Created High Impact Light Source to Improve MR16 Product

VEGALux System novel four innovation bulbs...


Added Values

  • 36% Direct Energy Savings 117.9 L/W 

  • 30% Less Raw Material 14.7 oz. (VEGA & CAMELEON) dia. 2,25''ø, enclosed retrofit fixture that reaches 1500L

  • Same format for 4 levels of power and high modularity (250L, 400L, 725L, 1500L and all standard MR on the market)

  • 4 optic lens (snap on) by bulb

  • Highest results for its category: 117L/W

  • Greatest lifespan

for a retrofit bulb: 60 000hrs, L70

  • Save 2 to 3 time less maintenance 

  • High modularity 

  • Ecoresponsible

  • Same fixtures and same kind of bulbs (MR16) for all your concepts

  • Dimmable power

  • Discreet and versatile: minimalist fixtures

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