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VEGALux™​ : an exciting and efficient way of integrating thermal transfer technology, CAMELEON-MR16 (patent us, ca). VEGALux™ System pushes the limits of energy efficiency even further. This technology allows us to double the lumen and lifespan inside a minimalist fixture: CAMELEON.

In collaboration with the Montreal-based research institute

VEGALux™ 336L

Lumen: 336 L

Lifespan: 60 000 Hours

Integrated driver:10-15V AC/DC

VEGALux™ 680L

Lumen: 680 L

Lifespan: 60 000 Hours

Integrated driver:10-15V AC/DC

VEGALux™ 1500L

Lumen: 1500 L

Lifespan: 60 000 Hours

External driver:10-15V AC/DC


VEGALux™ System with its incomparable energy-efficient performance, as well as optics, electronics and mechanics, will be able to charm with this versatile choice system all the lighting professionals.

VEGALux™ System an advanced engineering piece of technology created to resolve 70% of your landscape and architectural concept using always the same minimalist fixture: CAMELEON.

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Endless Values

  • Less power consumption, more light

  • Most discreet fixture, minimalist

  • Reduced energy footprint (CO2)

  • Extended lifespan of the bulbs

  • Save on inventory (3 times less stock)

  • Greater bulb selection (all standard MR16 ​​& VEGALux™ System)

  • Maintenance efficiency: retrofit fixture

  • Countless low voltage options (lightbulbs)

  • Easy on-site adjustability - VEGALux™ 1500L

    • Flicker-free

    • PWM dimming process

    • 4 beam optics  

    • Changeable driver 

  • VEGALux™336L VEGALux™680L

    • 4 beam optics, changeable on-site

    • dimmable


Launch of VEGALux™ System to provide high performance MR16 with sustainable and high-performing lumen sources up to 1,500L

Research project completed between LUBO Lighting and OPTECH to improve LUBO's heat dissipation technology and extend Lumen efficiency to 1,500L MR16

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