Innovative Solution: Design for COB LED Performance

Just one fixture does it all. For residential, commercial, architectural and landscape lighting.


LED lighting fixture integrates advanced heat dissipating technology.

The most discreet fixtures.

Look closely at all the convenience and cost saving, doing 70% of your landscape and architectural concept with only one fixture.

Did you know?

The CAMELEON-MR16 is a retrofit fixture. This fixture uses 2 to 3 times less raw material compared to other outdoor spotlight manufacturers.

True Benefits

Heat dissipation technology is optimal for lighting professionals seeking innovative, high-performance outdoor light sources.

  • Less power consumption, more light

  • Most discreet fixture, minimalist

  • Reduced energy footprint (CO2)

  • Extended lifespan of the bulbs

  • Save on inventory (3 times less stock)

  • Greater bulb selection (all standard MR16 ​​& VEGALux™ System)

  • Maintenance efficiency: retrofit fixture

  • Countless low voltage options (lightbulbs)

  • Easy on-site adjustability - VEGALux™ 1500L

    • Flicker-free

    • PWM dimming process

    • 4 beam optics  

    • Changeable driver 

  • VEGALux™336L VEGALux™680L

    • 4 beam optics, changeable on-site

    • dimmable

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Amazing Choice with Ecoconception

Create for easy on-site custom design, CAMELEON covers all your lighting concept. 

  • Using VEGALux™ 1500L with 6 light level 4 beam optic, 60k 

  • Using VEGALux™336L and 680L 

    • with 4 beam optic, 60k ​

  • Accept all standard MR16 on the market

  • Several features: on spike, on canopy and more

  • etc.​


heat dissipation chart