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For more than 20 years, LUBO Lighting has excelled in developing innovative landscape, patrimonial and architectural lighting solutions for landscape and architectural lighting designers.

Bertrand Ouellet, founder of LUBO Lighting, has been focusing on designing state-of-the-art lighting solutions with small environmental footprint, allowing lighting designers and architects to enhance and showcase their work and customer projects:


''We provide solutions for lighting experts, by designing top-performing products as well as providing custom-tailored instructions for specific applications. We make your work shine”.


LUBO Lighting has recently launched a new product line, the VEGALux™ system, featuring LUBO Lighting’s patented thermo-transfer technology, 1500L lumen capacity and lightweight, retrofit aluminum fixtures at minimal footprint. 



LUBO Lighting develops high-performance and sustainable lighting solutions, by stretching the performance of lumen capacity and light fixtures and leveraging its patented innovative thermo transfer-technology to make it happen. Its contribution to the environment are high-performance, long-lasting and robust lighting solutions for lighting specifiers and designers, architects and landscape architects, electric contractors and more.