Launch of VEGALUX System to provide high performance MR16 with sustainable and high performing lumen sources up to 1,500L

Montreal, May 6, 2020.

In its aim to develop high-performance, long-lasting and robust lighting solutions, LUBO Lighting, leading Canadian landscaping and architectural lighting developer and manufacturer, is proud to present its new, state-of-the-art VEGALux system. 


Featuring three light bulb variations for MR16: VEGALux 336L, 680L and 1500L, all variations feature:

  • Top Lumen performance, up to 1500L

  • Exclusive use of LUBO’s aluminum fixture with minimal footprint (light-weight, 2,5'' diameter, retrofit),

  • Patented thermo-transfer technology (CAMELEON-MR16) ,

  • Extended bulb life time (2 times longer than conventional light bulbs),

  • Robust and humidity resistant. 


Those 3 VEGALux variations have been developed for lighting enthusiasts seeking innovative environmentally optimized solutions for their outdoor lighting needs.


”The VEGALux System is the only lighting system on the market, that combines high-performance lumen capacity to up to 1500L and retrofit fixtures at minimal footprint”, declares LUBO Lighting’s president, Bertrand Ouellet. “The VEGALux System features in a minimalist retrofit form with full customization abilities, made with the best thermal transfer material on the market: Aluminum 6061T5. The lighting fixture’s combined weight is only 13.8 oz representing two to three times less raw material than other spotlights”


VEGALlux System includes 3 variations of light bulbs with 3 optic lenses each: 336L, 680L and 1500L including 6 preset dimming levels. All those functions have been developed for upmost versatility. Complete features are available on our website designed for lighting specifiers and designers, architects and landscape architects, contractors and more.

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About LUBO Lighting

For more than 20 years, LUBO Lighting has excelled in the field of landscape and architectural lighting design and manufacturing. Its mission is to develop high-performance and sustainable lighting solutions, by stretching the performance of lumen capacity and light fixtures and leveraging its patented innovative thermo transfer-technology to make it happen. Its contribution to the environment are high-performance, long-lasting and robust lighting solutions for lighting specifiers and designers, architects and landscape architects, electric contractors and more.

Its recently launched product line, the VEGALux system, features LUBO Lighting’s patented thermo-transfer technology, 1500L lumen capacity and lightweight, retrofit aluminum fixtures at minimal footprint. Learn more about its technology advantages and specific product offering at:

Contact: Bertrand Ouellet, president, LUBO Lighting
Tel: 450.658.7795