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Research project completed between LUBO Lighting and OPTECH to improve LUBO's heat dissipation technology and extend Lumen efficiency to 1500L MR16

Montreal, September 3, 2019.

LUBO Lighting, leading Canadian landscaping and architectural lighting developer and manufacturer, presents the result of a research project development with OPTECH (Institute of Photonics and Optics) to create a new light bulb to be integrated inside an enclosed lighting fixture by leveraging the patented thermal transfer technology developed by LUBO Lighting.

Heat dissipation technology is optimal for lighting professionals seeking innovative, high-performance outdoor light sources.

The heat dissipation is critical when a LED is placed inside a sealed fixture such as an outdoor lamp. This is a major concern in the lighting industry because heat dissipation and Lumen efficiency complement each other.


LUBO Lighting president, Bertrand Ouellet, and Mr. Yan Duval, CRSNG program director at OPTECH laboratory have worked together to bring this project to term. After several months of research and development, they developed 1500L, creating a uniquely designed MR16 light bulb concept that used the heat transfer technology at its maximum efficiency. This heat-dissipation technology is included in the aluminum lighting fixture cameleon, which only weighs 13,8 oz.

"We are always searching for innovative solutions for our customers seeking ecological product solutions," said Bertrand Ouellet. "Offering highest lumen performance coupled with robust light-weight retrofit fixtures, we take part in the circular economy with this technology and help changing the paradigms of the lighting industry.’’ 


This integrated heat-dissipating technology, CAMELEON-MR16, is suitable only with LUBO Lighting’s aluminum lighting fixture, also keeping it compatible for all standard MR16 light bulb. Furthermore, the light bulb has optical (lens) and electrical (dimming) aspects.



About LUBO Lighting

For more than 20 years, LUBO Lighting has excelled in the field of landscape and architectural lighting design and manufacturing. Its mission is to develop high-performance and sustainable lighting solutions, by stretching the performance of lumen capacity and light fixtures and leveraging its patented innovative thermo transfer-technology to make it happen. Its contribution to the environment are high-performance, long-lasting and robust lighting solutions for lighting specifiers and designers, architects and landscape architects, electric contractors and more.


LUBO Lighting’s patented heat-dissipating technology, CAMELEON-MR16, combined with the lighting fixture, cameleon, reduces the energy footprint (CO2). Learn more about its technology advantages and specific product offering at:       


Contact: Bertrand Ouellet, president, LUBO Lighting
Tel: 450.658.7795

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